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Profiles for Lighting and Technical Applications

This DesignGuide was developed for products of the business unit B – Profiles for Lighting and Technical Applications. It should assist you with the construction and design of extruded profiles.
If you want to develop a new product, the DesignGuide will assist you to find the best solution due to the characteristics of the extrusion process.
You’ll have the possibility to select important issues as prisms, snap in hooks etc. according to the feasibilities of the extrusion process. The following specifications show solutions which are tried and tested and found to work perfectly in conjunction with Elkamet standards.
If you have a specific application which requires extruding expertise in the design , then our engineers are at your service . We can help you and guide you from concept through to eventual completion of the project.

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Rotomolded plastic parts

This document is intended to offer guidance for the design of rotomolded plastic components from Polyamide 6 (PA 6). In particular, it provides information on details of the rotational molding process for liquids, which must be taken into account during the design process. Apart from this, standardized tank elements that may be needed for production are also listed. These developments have been thoroughly tested in practice. All recommended inserts or assembly parts for these standard elements are kept in stock at Elkamet. The following specifications illustrate design solutions that have been thoroughly tested in practice and that are routinely used by Elkamet. It is of course always possible to develop custom solutions for particular applications in cooperation with our design department.

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